Classes and Intensives

Whether you're new to mindfulness or an experienced meditator, we have a course or intensive designed for you.

We teach two different types of courses: wellbeing and personal insight. Our 6 week Mindfulness for Stress Reduction course is designed to teach you how to take control of your own wellbeing, while our Mindfulness Weekend Intensive is designed to help you establish a mindfulness meditation practice for personal insight. Currently we aren't running courses, but are available for one to one sessions. 

It's important to us that our courses are accessible to everyone who wants to learn, so we offer 50% concession rate to anyone who is unemployed, a student or on a low income.  



Discounted Packages

To encourage everyone to meditate regularly, and to make sure our classes stay as affordable as possible, for a limited time we're offering some valuable packages at a discounted rate.

Integral Package: Mindfulness for Stress Reduction 6 Week Course, Weekend Intensive, 5 Drop-In Classes, 1/2 day mindfulness group practice session for  £249 instead of £380 

Wellbeing Package: Mindfulness for Stress Reduction 6 Week Course, 1/2 day Mindfulness group practice, 5 Drop-In Classes for £159 instead of £245

Insight Package:  Weekend Intensive, 5 Drop-In Classes, 1/2 day Mindfulness group practice for £195 instead of £280

Drop-In Package: 10 Drop-In Classes for £55 instead of £100 (Valid for 3 months from purchase date)  


Choose your package below:



Mindfulness for Stress Reduction - 6 Week Course

Mindfulness meditation has been clinically proven to reduce stress, and can have a tremendous impact on our energy levels and concentration. Our Mindfulness for Stress Reduction course starts on 12 May, and runs every Tuesday from 6:30pm- 8:30pm for 6 weeks (May 12, 19, 26, June 2nd, 9, 16) followed by an optional Saturday practice day. It is designed to teach you tried and tested mindfulness and relaxation techniques that will allow you to take control of your own well-being and reduce the negative effects of stress in your life.

It`s carefully designed to ensure that you`ll leave with the ability to practice at home, on the tube, in the park, or anywhere you want to, and you will receive guided meditation audios to practice with during and after the course. As well as evidence based mindfulness techniques, we will also apply Open Meditation`s non-religious, integral, and multidisciplinary approach to give you a much broader scientific and philosophical context to your mindfulness practice, including insight into the development of meditation in the east and west. To read more about our approach, visit our Why Meditate? section and please feel free to get in touch using our contact form if you have any questions.

To secure your space, you can sign up here with a deposit of £45, with full payment not due until the night of the first class. We hope to see you soon! 


Course starting on May 12



Mindfulness Weekend Intensive

The Open Meditation Weekend Intensive is suitable for all levels, and designed to teach you how to meditate to develop your personal insight, discipline the mind and establish a daily practice. Our unique approach strips away the fluff and vagaries around mindfulness and cuts to the chase, teaching you how to bring intense presence to your own life,  let go of unhelpful patterns and move toward psychological wholeness.

The latest research suggests that it takes around 11 hours of mindfulness meditation to begin eliciting physical changes in the brain. As a beginner, the weekend Mindfulness Intensive™ will give you these essential hours of practice, as well as the knowledge of how to meditate for the rest of your life. Intensive training is one of the most effective ways to learn a skill, and we guarantee you will leave with the ability to meditate. If you already meditate, this is a chance to deepen your skills, focus intensely on specific areas, and learn some advanced techniques from a mix of traditions, as well as those developed by Open Meditation.

This type of intensive practice requires work and dedication, but we'll be guiding you through the entire process. The weekend is 100% experiential, so the majority of time is spent meditating. To make the weekend exciting and engaging, we've created a carefully-designed narrative to guide you through your inner journey and provide an essential framework unique to Open Meditation and drawing on a multidisciplinary range of sources, from psychology and myth to shamanism and neuroscience. 

The next weekend will be held on June 20th and June 21st, 2015 at the Open Meditation studio located at Unit 8, Chandlery House, 40 Gower's Walk, London E1 8BH (Map here or on our main page). We'll be going home on Saturday night and coming back on Sunday morning rather than sleeping over. Please bring a light packed lunch (can be heated up if you like) on both days, and there'll also be an endless supply of tea, biscuits and fruit.

The Weekend Intensive is challenging, empowering and completely different to any mindfulness course in London. You can sign up below or through our calendar (student and low income rates are also available, please get in touch to find out more).


Book for June 20 and 21