Introducing Mindfulness in Organisations


I just came across a very interesting article about introducting Mindfulness in organisations and in the workplace in general. It discusses Mirabai Bush, who teaches mindfulness in a variety of workplaces, from Google to the military. One particularly interesting insight she gives is how different organisations need to have mindfulness framed so that it is accepted and its benefits can be enjoyed. For example, she points out that in Google, the emphasis is on searching inside oneself (Googling yourself?) whereas in the military, the language is based around 'situational awareness'. This is very useful not just for people who teach mindfulness in organisations or the workplace, but also for any HR people who are trying to generate interest around mindfulness internally. It's all about framing it in such a way that the benefits are immediately obvious, based on the differences between organisations, not to mention those between the individual within an organisation.


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