Magic and Mindfulness

Last week we put on the first of what we hope will be many events at the Open Meditation Studio. As well as teaching people how to meditate and running meditation courses, we want to try our best to make mindfulness a bigger part of London life in an innovative way. Mindfulness isn't just about sitting, standing or walking mindfully - it's about coming to the world with an attitude of non-judgemental presence, curiosity and courage. 

The Missing Link in Mindfulness at Work

There are some fundamental differences between a mindfulness meditation class someone chooses to go to in their own time, and a mindfulness course they attend at work. First and foremost is motivation; if someone chooses to take time out of their schedule and attend a meditation class, it is often because they have already researched mindfulness, heard about its benefits from a friend, or are simply curious. At work, mindfulness is usually offered by the company you work for, and as such is directly available to you regardless of whether you've heard about it or not.

The Role of Workplace Mindfulness

HR executives are quickly catching on to just how much potential there is in workplace mindfulness initiatives. In recent years there has been a surge in interest and it really does look like mindfulness at work is about to undergo the same process of acceptance in the office that yoga and massage have.

Should a meditation class be free?

I was contacted recently by someone who wanted to find out more about the meditation class I teach in London, and he really got me thinking about this issue of whether mindfulness meditation should be taught for free. He said he’d been looking all over the internet for somewhere to learn mindfulness and come across all the “free meditation classes” that are “associated with religions” and all the “really expensive medical sounding ones” aimed at reducing stress.

The Psychology of Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats
I recently spoke at Breaking Convention, one of the most exciting and historically significant conferences that has taken place in London for some time. The conference is a multidisciplinary exploration of psychedelic consciousness studies and attended by some of the most brilliant neuroscientists, anthropologists, psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, philosophers and visionary artists in the world. 

Can mindfulness help reduce stress at work?

How many friends and colleagues have you heard say they’re experiencing stress at work? How often do you hear yourself saying the same? According to a recent study by the University of Cambridge, around  half a million people in the UK experience work-related stress at a level they believe is making them ill, and up to 5 million people said they feel highly stressed in their jobs. In the UK, 40% of all work related illnesses are caused by stress, which highlights just how much this is affecting us.

3 Ways to Reduce Stress using Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is undergoing a surge of interest all over the world, not least because of its incredible success treating some of our most common psychological ailments. Some of the most common and widespread of these are stress, anxiety and depression. These disorders are endemic in a time-poor societies in which people work a lot and have little or no education about ways to reduce stress that are healthy and sustainable.