About Us

Alexander Beiner

Ali has been practicing meditation for over a decade and is a qualified meditation instructor, registered with the Complimentary Therapists Association. He is the author of a novel, Beyond the Basin, which explores Amazonian shamanism and visionary philosophy. He has been published in The Guardian and is also one of the organisers of Breaking Convention, a biennial conference on consciousness studies. His personal practice is influenced by Zen and Taoism, as well as Integral Studies and Consciousness Studies.


Ashleigh Murphy

Ashleigh is a qualified meditation instructor registered with the Complimentary Therapists Association. She discovered mindfulness meditation in her early twenties and is dedicated to helping people discover the depth and potential of a daily practice. Ashleigh is currently completing an MSc in Psychology and is an organiser of Breaking Convention, the UK's largest conference presenting new research on psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. She has also trained with traditional healers in South America working with plant medicines, and is interested in how eastern meditative and shamanic practices, and western psychology, can be combined to create new approaches to supporting people's mental health and wellbeing.