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Why thoughts are like cats

Thoughts are a lot like feral cats. If you get into the habit of feeding them, you'll find more and more at your door every day. Soon you won't be able to hear yourself think because of all the meowing. They'll be there all day and all night, howling for more food. You might think that by feeding all of them they'll go away, so you leave a can of tuna outside your door. Some of them do stop meowing and for a moment it seems like the problem has been solved, but the next day there are twice as many.

What is nothingness?

If you read about the ancient contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism, you might come across the term of nothingness or emptiness. A famous Buddhist sutra, The Heart Sutra, reads: "form is emptiness, emptiness if form". This is fairly confusing at first glance - . what it means it that matter and the emptiness it sits in are fundamentally the same thing. Why does this 'matter'? Because the logical extension is that you are everything you see, and it is you. You are both everything and nothing at the same time.