london meditation

Letting go of holding on

Mindfulness meditation is a process of letting go; letting go of the way you think things should be and accepting what is. Often this can be hard when we start out, especially if we've been told that we need to let go, live in the present, and stop fretting about things. The harder we try, the more confused we get. The way to do it is to allow it to emerge - to focus all of your intent on simply being, not straying from being aware of the content of your own experience.

What is nothingness?

If you read about the ancient contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism, you might come across the term of nothingness or emptiness. A famous Buddhist sutra, The Heart Sutra, reads: "form is emptiness, emptiness if form". This is fairly confusing at first glance - . what it means it that matter and the emptiness it sits in are fundamentally the same thing. Why does this 'matter'? Because the logical extension is that you are everything you see, and it is you. You are both everything and nothing at the same time.

Tips for being mindful in London

Living mindfully in a city requires a different approach to living mindfully within nature. A city like London is actively trying to grab your attention; every headline you see on an abandoned newspaper demands you make a judgement, advertisements shout for your attention and the constant stream of people and traffic is an assault on your senses.