Letting go of holding on

Mindfulness meditation is a process of letting go; letting go of the way you think things should be and accepting what is. Often this can be hard when we start out, especially if we've been told that we need to let go, live in the present, and stop fretting about things. The harder we try, the more confused we get. The way to do it is to allow it to emerge - to focus all of your intent on simply being, not straying from being aware of the content of your own experience.

Most importantly, it's best to remember that there isn't a thing to let go of if we want to be happy, light and present in the now. What we're really doing is 'letting go of holding on'. It's the very act of attaching ourselves to results, to our own identity and everything in between that takes us out of the present moment (or seems to - in reality even when we're planning ahead or remembering we're doing it from the present). 

So next time you're walking the streets of London, or sitting in meditation, be aware of yourself holding on, very aware, and maybe play with the idea of completely giving up on the very idea of control. You might be surprised at what happens. 

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